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Mazzucco & Pizza Mozza is a place for tasting traditional products Italians, thought like a mozzarella bar, offering a selection of exclusive products that are also reflected in the composition of pizzas.

It offers a selection of original mozzarella, traditional and quality, boards of antipasti and meats, thin-crust pizzas made by Chef Pizzaiolo Matteo Fadda and essential desserts like the famous tiramisu and panna cotta.
All wines are well on Italians and beers with the famous Birra 32.
All products are available for consumption on and off the premises, delivery is also ensured by Tok Tok Tok
Mazzucco & Pizza Mozza was created on the principles of Slow Food, in accordance with the product and its origin. Everything is homemade, from the anti-party pizza dough. Cured meats and mozzarella come directly from Italy, Campania. The production is artisanal and for some products manually.
A "Aquarium" presents the mozzarella in the window above which hang the hams and sausages, everything is transparent like the kitchen where you can see the chef turn his dough.
Mazzucco the framework of the restaurant, was conceived and designed by the artist Christian Paraschiv, based on the same rules. Everything is done by hand, including the plates. The material used is mainly wood that echoes the terroir. We hope that visitors feel at their ease while raising awareness in art. Christian Paraschiv reminds us, through his murals, the link between the stable, making the product and the hostel.

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